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  • Yann Tyng Kooi

Paying tribute to Elvis Presley

As everyone well knows, we are big fans of Elvis on Port AdVenture Cruises!

Elvis' birthday is on 8 January and 2023 marked the 46th anniversary of his death. As a drumbeat to the Biggest Elvis Show on Earth, we invited Tennessee Thomason, John Elvis Collins and Emilio Prince (both Elvis impersonators) to host their December 2022 Elvis Blue Hawaii Cruise and swoon Elvis fans on the Rhythmboat.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Pursehouse, an ardent fan of Elvis

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About Port AdVenture Cruises, Port Macquarie

Come meet the Rhythmboat, a stunning white luxury catamaran that is the largest and most impressive one to ever grace the waters of the Hastings River.

Our cruises along the Hastings River make for a unique and captivating experience with each passing season and the beautiful changes in the scenery along the river. We also offer Private Parties with personalized service, catering to up to 150 guests. You have the freedom to choose your own catering and entertainment, ensuring a truly memorable event.

At Port AdVenture Cruises, safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to regulations, conducting yearly inspections and maintaining compliance with safety management systems. Regular safety drills are also conducted to ensure the well-being of our passengers.

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