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Port AdVenture Cruises saved a boy from a shark!

We have no end of stories to tell on board the Rhythmboat and this story was published in Brilliant Magazine.

David recalls one particular incident when they were cruising along the beautiful Lady Nelson Wharf. The weather was perfect, and everyone was having a great time. Suddenly, the passengers noticed a young boy stranded on a sandbar. The tide had gone out, leaving him in a dangerous situation. He sounded terrified and was desperately shouting for help.

Turns out there was a shark lurking nearby...

Without wasting any time, Dave took charge. He quickly gave orders to the captain, and the boat turned around dramatically. An emergency ladder was lowered at the front of the boat, and they rushed towards the sandbar. For the stranded boy, the Rhythmboat became a lifeline. He climbed the ladder, with the shark dangerously close. With one final leap, he made it onto the boat and was safe.

The young boy, Joel, had endured a terrifying 45 minutes stranded on a sandbar, knowing every second brought the danger of the shark closer to him.

Luckily, Port AdVenture Cruises happened to be in the right place at the right time. Everyone on board were quick to jump in to help. Some wrapped him in warm blankets, others gave him a hot drink for comfort, and someone even pulled out a bag of sweet treats to lift his spirits!

The warmth of the people on board the Rhythmboat helped Joel to come back to a state of calm.

It was a moment where ordinary people became heroes. With a sense of camaraderie, the cruise continued, and the passengers shared in the victory of the rescue. It was certainly an unforgettable situation for us, to recognise that heroes can be found in unexpected places, even among the crew of a cruise ship!

Thanks to the Rhythmboat's timely intervention, Joel didn't have to face the apex predator of the sea. What started out as an ordinary cruise day for us turned out to be a memorable story of bravery and community spirit.

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About Port AdVenture Cruises, Port Macquarie

Come meet the Rhythmboat, a stunning white luxury catamaran that is the largest and most impressive one to ever grace the waters of the Hastings River of Port Macquarie.

Our cruises along the Hastings River make for a unique and captivating experience with each passing season and the beautiful changes in the scenery along the river. We also offer Private Parties with personalised service, catering to up to 150 guests. You have the freedom to choose your own catering and entertainment, ensuring a truly memorable event.

At Port AdVenture Cruises, safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to regulations, conducting yearly inspections and maintaining compliance with safety management systems. Regular safety drills are also conducted to ensure the well-being of our passengers.

Embarking on a cruise aboard the Rhythmboat offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the warm and inviting Australian culture that we hold dear. So, are you ready to come aboard and experience the magic for yourself? We can't wait to welcome you!

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