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What to see and do on Port AdVenture Cruises in Port Macquarie

We simply love Port Macquarie. It's a beautiful place with lovely beaches, and so many attractions such as the Koala Hospital, Billabong Zoo.

The Hastings River is one of the cleanest in Australia. When you get on one of our cruises, we travel up the river through the canals and we give a bit of commentary as we cruise along. You learn a bit of history about the area as well, and we go up as far as the Hibbard Ferry. It's a beautiful, relaxing cruise into the canals where you see pretty neighbourhoods.

Our clients like to get up on the top deck and enjoy a bit of sun. You also get to spot some dolphins, which always gets people delighted! There are about three or four pods of dolphins that have actually called the Hastings River home. They are free spirits and not something we can guarantee you'll always see, but nine times out of ten, we do see them. When they show up, they swim along with our boat and they are really friendly creatures to have on a tour!

Sometimes we also see white-belly seagulls and even turtles too! There is a lot of wildlife around to spot, so get your binoculars ready!

We often ask clients where they are from and we've been having people from all different locations. Many are coming from out west, from Bathurst, Tamworth, Melbourne. And because now Bonza airlines are flying direct, many are coming from Victoria. With the highway, we are also well connected to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. Port Macquarie is wonderfully well located in the middle of all of this communication and many people are attracted here because the weather is great and there are so many things to do. It's incredibly accessible now. So there are no excuses not to come visit!

Fabulous food spread on board Rhythmboat | Port AdVenture Cruises

We can't wait to welcome even more clients on board our Rhythmboat. Apart from all the natural beauty on the cruise, on board you'll get great entertainment from our friendly staff, and we make sure clients enjoy good food too (you have to try our amazing fresh prawns) and the fact that people come back and bring friends or family is a sign that we have a lot to offer here.

Check out our cruises below and book early as places go quickly!

About Port AdVenture Cruises, Port Macquarie

Come meet the Rhythmboat, a stunning white luxury catamaran that is the largest and most impressive one to ever grace the waters of the Hastings River.

Our cruises along the Hastings River make for a unique and captivating experience with each passing season and the beautiful changes in the scenery along the river. We also offer Private Parties with personalized service, catering to up to 150 guests. You have the freedom to choose your own catering and entertainment, ensuring a truly memorable event.

At Port AdVenture Cruises, safety is our top priority. We strictly adhere to regulations, conducting yearly inspections and maintaining compliance with safety management systems. Regular safety drills are also conducted to ensure the well-being of our passengers.

Embarking on a cruise aboard the Rhythmboat offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the warm and inviting Australian culture that we hold dear. So, are you ready to come aboard and experience the magic for yourself? We can't wait to welcome you!


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